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Dr. José Rizal’s Descendants: Filipino Family Levels of Consanguinity

ON this Father's Day Week-end let me offer a toast to Dr. José Rizal's descendants who, together with the whole Filipino nation, and the Filipino diaspo

I was at Dr. José Rizal’s Execution, Bagumbayan, Manila, 30 December 1896.

Hola! Me llamo Perro. Call me Señor Don Perro.  Yes, I’m a dog. Take a look at the official photo of Dr. José Rizal’s execution on 30 December

How Rizal toned down his tirades against the friars as he finished the Noli.

Pastor Karl Ullmer's vicarage, Wilhelmsfeld, Germany This is the house where Dr. Jose Rizal finally wrote FINIS to his novel Noli me tángere, Wilhelmsfeld

Find Dr. José Rizal in the Picture

One day, in 1885  at his atelier in Paris, Juan Luna prepared a big format canvas for a mannerist (wide  large open) style scene for which he is most famous.

How Good was Dr. José Rizal’s English?

Dr. José Rizal's Spanish is pure beauty.  Just read his Noli me tangere novel.   It is idiomatic, smooth, funny, nuanced, contextually apppropriate and as al

Dr. José Rizal and the coup d’ état of 1882, Egypt: Then and Now

A Look at Dr. José Rizal's Diary:  The Timeless Tragedy of the Suez Canal, Egypt, then and now. On  2nd June 1882, Dr. José Rizal  was aboard the st

Dr. José Rizal’s pen and ink sketch of Aden, Yemen, 1882.

José Rizal's pen & ink sketch of Aden, Yemen,  28 May,1882 In 1882, Jose Rizal was on his way to Spain. It was his first trip abroad,

Where did Dr. José Rizal write his famous novel: Noli me tángere?

Dr. José Rizal started writing his novel Noli me tangere in Spain and finished up the last chapters in Germany. When did he have the time to write?  I

Dr. José Rizal’s annotation of Antonio Morga’s “Historical Events of the Philippines”.1609.

In 1889-1890, Dr. José Rizal spent several months in London first, to do his historical research on pre-colonial Philippines and second, to improve his English

José Rizal’s Books: Personal Library

The Philippine national hero, Dr. José Rizal had such a great attachment to his personal books. He resented the fact that while a student in Madrid, he learn

How to face a firing squad execution with a normal heart beat: Rizal, 30 December 1896

Every time I visit my primary physician at University of California, San Francisco, I always register numbers above my normal blood pressure.  Why?  Because

José Rizal greets you a “Merry Christmas” in a letter dated, 10 Dec. 1891

I had religiously read and re-read José Rizal's letters to his parents, brothers and sisters in the Philippines and to his good friend Ferdinand Blumentritt

José Rizal.: The Wanna be Gentleman Teen ager

José Rizal, the Philippine National hero was once a teen-ager. The attributes of a teen is that one day they act goofy, the next, they act mature. One day

In Search for a Book Title: Rizal’s and Correggio’s Noli me Tángere. Part 2.

In Search for a Book Title:  Rizal’s and Correggio's Noli me Tángere.  Part 2. Antonio Allegri, known as Correggio Noli me Tángere,  1534.  Panel tran

Rizal and Correggio’s Noli me Tángere: Penélope’s Conjecture

Dr. José Rizal’s and Correggio’s NOLI me TANGERE ByPenélope V. Flores Exactly 112 years ago, on June 12th 1898, the Philippine revolutionary establishm

Penelope’s visit to Litomérice, Czech Republic, July 2010

I found this article written by Alan Levy. He describes the Rizal monument in Litomerice better than I did. "Three busts in one block." "What Litomerice

Dr. José Rizal’s Penmanship: The Lost Art of Handwriting

The Lost Art of Handwriting: Rizal's Noli me Tangere I obtained the facsimile of Rizal's Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo in handwritten form. It's very

Dr. José Rizal’s 4th floor apartments, Madrid, 1882.

31, July 2010, Saturday Firenze, Italia My instructor, Erin Murphy, an American, is a Florence resident for the past 20 years. Beginning Monday, my class

Ferdinand Blumentritt of Lietmeritz, Austria, friend of Dr. José Rizal.

On May 13, 1877, Dr. Jose Rizal and his friend Dr. Maximo Viola (my ancestor) arrived by train. The friends were met by Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt and his fam

Leitmeritz, Austria is now Litomérice, Czech Republic

My Luvosîce Moment Penélope V. Flores* Luvosîce: July 19, 2010 Stunned from too little sleep, I blinked at the giant folio before me. My imag

Rizal’s Noli me Tangere’s printing cost

Mr Vicente Marquez, CPA, of 1200 Bayhill Drive, San Bruno, California must have been bitten hard by my blogspot on Dr. Jose Rizal's Noli me Tangere story. No

Jose Rizal’s Noli me Tangere

Dr. Jose Rizal received a loan of 300 pesetas from his friend Dr. Maximo Viola to publish Noli me Tangere. The novel "Noli me Tangere" (1887) from the Latin "to

On Rizal

The Dr. Maximo Viola (Penelope V. Flores) / Dr. Jose Rizal (Patricia Laurel) connection. History repeats itself. Photo