High PNP official admits somehow there is failure in the police system in seeing criminal minds from recruits

POSTED: Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

CALAPAN CITY – Amidst the ongoing issues against some members of the Philippine National Police particularly regarding robbery incidents, a high-ranking police official in Region 4B or MIMAROPA (Mindoro-Marinduque-Romblon-Palawan) admitted that somehow, the tool being used by PNP in determining criminal minds among the new recruits has failed.


In a press conference here Wednesday, Chief Supt. Dennis J. Peña, the MIMAROPA regional PNP director, stated though that constant and intense values formation trainings are still the effective tools in molding or shaping the mentality of new police recruits before the latter be deployed in any actual field assignment.

Chief Supt. Peña, the top PNP official covering the entire island provinces groupings in Southern Luzon, was reacting to news reports on the involvement of many police personnel and stated that somehow, the tool set by PNP in determining criminal minds among new policemen failed.  He said the PNP leadership should set up another mechanism such as strict or stringent neuro-psychiatric test to bar criminals from further entering the police institution.

The police official though stated that he can proudly proclaim that the system of policing his administration is implementing in the entire MIMAROPA Region is “the future of policing (that should be implemented) in Metro Manila” or in the whole country.

He explained that all the ideal police systems such as the simple maintenance of peace and order from barangay (village) level up to the metropolis (city) and in the entire province of Oriental Mindoro and other island provinces comprising MIMAROPA Region are at best being maintained because of the effective coordination between the people in the community, the local government units and the PNP as a whole.

And with these, Peña said their police personnel here are now being able to maintain enforcing other laws, aside from peace and order, such as the guarding of environmental laws.  MIMAROPA PNP accordingly are able to maintain closer community relations through conducting different community-oriented services.

During the media briefing, which is being conducted monthly by newsmen belonging to MIMAROPA PNP Press Corps, Inc. (MPPCI), Peña announced the graduation and immediate deployment to field assignments of some 53 newly police recruits.

Peña described the said new policemen, who undergone stringent police trainings, as “very ripe” in their ideal moral value because they also took numerous values formation workshops. (By JUANCHO R. MAHUSAY)


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