Romblon town ‘releases’ 82 baby sea turtles free

POSTED: Monday, September 1st, 2014

CALAPAN CITY –A total of 82 baby sea turtles or hatchlings have been freed to the sea from their captivity last Tuesday (August 26) by local government, agriculture and police officials in the island municipality of Corcuera in the province of Romblon.


Led by Corcuera Municipal Agriculturist Erwin Fabella, the ceremonial release of the said baby turtles, specifically called as green olive sea turtles, off the bay of Brgy. Poblacion, Corcuera (Simara), Romblon, was done there as way of preserving the area’s ecological balance.

During the said activity, Fabella recounted that during the first day of June, he saw a big sea turtle along the coast of the said village which hatched eggs.  He then immediately helped the animal get away to the area so as not to be seen by people living there.  With the help of his men from the municipal agriculture office and some personnel from Corcuera Municipal Police Station, Fabella and company cordoned the area where the eggs were hatched for its proper monitoring and breeding.

Fabella estimated the freed mother turtle to be weighing 80-100 kilos, noting they are now releasing more sea hatchlings in accordance with the local government unit’s strict banning of catching and slaughtering of said marine animals.

“The municipal government here is really determined to help in preserving or maintaining marine resources here,” the local agriculture official added.

It can be recalled that last July 2010, the locals also frees some 120 sea turtle hatchling in Brgy. Ilijan, also in Corcuera, an island municipality in the archipelagic province of Romblon. (By JUANCHO R. MAHUSAY)


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