NFA set to flood ‘talipapas’ with quality, cheap rice

POSTED: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

CALAPAN CITY – High quality but low-priced rice will flood all sales outlets, including the lowly “talipapas” or flea markets, starting this July, the regional office of the National Food Authority (NFA) said.


NFA Southern Tagalog Regional Director Tom Escarez assured the public over the weekend as he said their agency will ensure that both imported and locally-harvested rice at low prices will be visible and available to low-income families in more markets at P25 to P27 per kilo.

The NFA official stated the NFA regular milled rice is priced between P25 to P27 per kilo while the well-milled rice is P30 to P32 per kilo “whose quality is comparable, if not better than, commercial rice being sold by retailers at P45 to P48 per kilo.

“This is the new thrust of the NFA to contain the alleged hoarding, uncontrolled increases in prices, and alleged shortage of the staple commodity in public markets nationwide,” Escarez said.

This developed as Director Escarez announced the arrival of 1.5 million bags of imported Vietnam riceat the Batangas City port last Friday (June 27). “This new arrival of Vietnam rice is continuous to augment our local,’ he explained.

Escarez explained the NFA has augmented its local reserves with imported rice from Vietnam, the world’s third rice exporter, to continue to supply increased amount of subsidized rice to the market until the end of this year.

Director Escarez met with NFA provincial managers of the ten rice-growing islands and provinces of MIMAROPA (Mindoro-Marinduque-Romblon-Palawan) and CALABARZON (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal-Quezon) regions to implement immediately this new thrust of newly-installed NFA Administrator Arthur Juan.

“Starting this July, the NFA will pull down prices of commercial rice, narrow the price gap between the NFA and commercial rice, and stabilize supply and prices of rice in the market,” he said.

The NFA will double the distribution centers of rice by opening additional and more market outlets, including minor markets, such as “talipapas,” in various areas covered by MIMAROPA and CALABARZON regions.

Escarez explained that some unscrupulous rice dealers are interchanging rice prices by switching price tags of NFA rice from P27 per kilo to P45 as commercial rice.

“This is happening because the quality of NFA rice and commercial rice sold by traders is almost the same, the reason why buyers cannot easily distinguish the difference between the two.  They could easily manipulate the prices by misrepresentation,” Escarez explained.

“With this new thrust of the NFA, opening additional outlets by flooding them with high-quality and low-priced rice, we’ll eliminate this kind of cheating,” the NFA regional officials said.

He said the NFA-priced rice at P25 to P27 per kilo will also be available to employees and workers of both government and private offices by sending a letter of request and list of employees who want to avail of the NFA rice.

The price of the regular-milled rice is between P25 to P27 per kilo while the well-milled rice is between P30 to P32 per kilo.  Meanwhile, the price of commercial rice sold in the market is placed between P45 to P48 per kilo.( By Juancho R. Mahusay)


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