‘Pandang-Gitab Oriental Mindoro, The Festival of Lights’ is now the official festival of Or. Mindoro

POSTED: Thursday, December 6th, 2012

CALAPAN CITY – The “Pandang-Gitab Oriental Mindoro, The Festival of Lights” will now carry the said province’s banner as it is now declared as the official festival of the island province of Oriental Mindoro.


Oriental Mindoro Governor Alfonso V. Umali, Jr. and Vice-Governor Humerlito A. Dolor both announced it to the public recently simultaneous with the celebration last November of the province’s 62nd founding anniversary.

According to Vice-Governor Dolor, who is also the presiding officer of the Sanggnuiang Panlalawigan or the provincial legislative board, stated     during the regular session of SP, the Provincial Ordinance No. 25-2012 or an ordinance adopting the “Pandang Gitab Oriental Mindoro, The Festival of Lights,” approved on mass sponsorship of the provincial board members present and in third and final reading the said local cultural dance festival as the official festival of the province.

The word pandanggitab was coined from the words pandanggo (local dance) and dagitab (handmade lamp or portable light) which describes the old tradition of Mindoreños.  The lamp being carried by married women while accompanying their husbands in going to their departure site where fishing boats await for the males’ fishing works.  The said lamps are also serve as their only light in the middle of the sea.

Accordingly, the foremost aim of the said new ordinance is to show to all the rich culture of the province, to develop a unique festival which is distinct to Oriental Mindoro and eventually attract local and foreign tourists to visit here.  The local dancing skills and participation of all people in the province are also being aimed with the effect of the ordinance.

Included in the ordinance is the holding of Pandang Gitab Annual Competition which will fall every third Saturday of every February.  High school and college students, community-based organizations, business sectors, civic organizations and other groups based in Oriental Mindoro will be enjoined by the ordinance to support and participate in the special event.

Local government office tasked to lead this annual occasion is the newly-created Provincial Tourism, Investment and Enterprise Development Office of the provincial government of Oriental Mindoro.  The said agency will be the one to formulate the necessary mechanics for the said annual event. (By juancho r. mahusay)


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