PAPI Midyear Media Confab Set On June 23, In Makati

POSTED: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

                The Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) yesterday announced the holding of the 2012 Midyear Media Conference, Awards Presentation and election of new officers on June 23, 2012 at the Makati Sports Club, Makati City.

                With the theme “Shaping the Future of News Publishing in the Philippines”, the forthcoming event will bring together community, provincial and regional newspaper publishers, editors, media practitioners and press freedom advocates to tackle the problems and challenges confronting the publishing industry and to learn new ideas, concepts, measures, latest methods and applications, and best practices which help boost sustainable media growth through increase viability and profit.

                The topics up for discussion in the media event may include 1) Taking news publishing to the next level; 2) Drawing revenues in print and digital media; 3) Role and impact of technology in today’s competitive media market; 4) Innovative editorial products which create new revenue streams; 5) The future of newspaper advertising; 6) Reinventing the newspaper for the digital era; 7) Global media trends; 8) Investigative journalism and media credibility in the countryside; 9) New business models for news; 10) Managing the news room in the Social Media era; 11) Strategies that generate On-Line ads revenue; and, 12) New press technology: Fighting decline in print circulation.

                The scheduled executive session of publishers and editors will focus on today’s various socio-politico-economic  and environmental issues and concerns, such as, the looming energy crises, rising poverty, environmental degradation, graft and corruption in the government service, increasing lawlessness, unemployment, civil unrest and other pressing issues that should be brought to the fore by the working press for the public to know and the government to address.

                Highlight of the event will be the presentation of awards to outstanding advocates of press freedom, outstanding national and local officials, newspaper publishers, and media practitioners in the national and regional levels for their valuable contributions to the media industry and national welfare and interest.

                The daylong affair will be capped by the election of 2012 PAPI officers followed by a dinner fellowship and awards presentation.

                Some 300 publishers, editors, journalists in various fields, including those in broadcast, print, digital governance and press freedom advocates are expected to attend.

                For details and inquiries, contact: The Conference Secretariat, Suite 511, Marbella 2, Roxas Blvd., Malate, Manila. Emails: Tel. Nos.: 524-7495/5214722/Fax: 522-2277; Mobile Nos.: 0949124777/09166122277.



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