POSTED: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Series 3: Mona House, Suwaifiyah Road,
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
(Penned by: Donalie M.H.Cabral)
Edited by: Dr. Danebeth Glomo and Dr. Arlen Arellado

When I said that I wanted something new,
I never imagined that this is what I could view,
In this decision of working away from you,
I thought it was a dream come- true.
To work in an international arena is indeed something,
We have talked many times about it and weighed everything, 
I even called every member of the family for a short meeting,
And we decided that I should go, as that what they were suggesting,
Yet, why was the pain so unbearable when we were on the way?
My heart broke into pieces when I said goodbye that day.
Staring at you before the plane took off,
Was one of the most painful experiences that made me shake off!
As I faced the new environment, I was so scared,
I would not be with you and I felt so afraid,
Everything was so new and foreign to me,
Yet I knew I needed to show them the best of me.
Everyday I have to wake up early to be always ready,
Nobody would do this for me and baby it's not really easy,
I couldn't count the sleepless nights I had,
Doing bundles of work that made me mad.
It's very hard to do things alone,
It's so sad to be on my own,
When I have been used to be with the one I love,
When I always share with you everything that I have,
Many times I lay awake the whole night just thinking of you
For these restless nights made me blue,
The unexplainable sadness I felt because of you
For not being able to touch you, kiss you and hug you.
Do you know that my favorite day of the week is FRIDAY?
This is the day when I will be free to go to church and pray,
And I will be rushing to the flat right away, 
To see you my baby on skype, yehey!
Yet, why does the time pass by so slowly when I am not with you?
I always count the hours, days and nights of not seeing you, 
Yet it glides so fast when I am talking with you over the phone?
I want to freeze time when I see you on skype coz I feel so alone!
My agony is to wait for the hours to pass by for I know you are still sleeping,
I have to be awake and would keep on waiting,
Before the sun shines in the morning,
I make sure that I can call you and wake you up my darling!
It’s really a life of adjustment coz everyday is a battle,
It’s a place where there is full of struggles,
To meet all the different kinds of challenges,
I have to cope and be strong with the changes!
There are some problems I have encountered in the work-zone,
I thought of giving up, pack my things and go home,
But real friends would help me to go on,
They said things will be better, so just hang on!
Your short messages on fb and off -line messages on ym,
Are what I anticipated when I come home every pm,
Family and friends’ messages on my phone make my heart joyful,
To know that they all remember me, make me cheerful!
When I got sick, I felt so weak,
I was hospitalized and was on-leave for a week!
How I wish you were here with me, to comfort and stand by me, 
But I know that it's impossible, because you are miles away from me.
I thanked God for giving me true friends for their good deeds,
Who took care of me in times of need,
And also for the concern that you've shown me though we are apart,
You gave me inspiration and brightened my lonely heart!
In all the trials that I've been through everyday, 
I learned all things the difficult way,
But what is important now is I am very much alive,
Now I could really say that: I have survived!

Note: Date started: Jan. 24, 2011
Date finished 12:14 am, Sept. 7, 2011
Composed as a Gift to BEBE- Mr. Jayrald G. Cabral on
our 9th Year  Anniversary, December 4, 2011

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