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POSTED: Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

October 5, 2010

The Local Government administrations in two provinces of Mindoro strongly opposed mining investment  while it is undeniably clear that the services required by the people is uncountable and seemed endless, the demand for services, assistance and project funding lies only in revenue allotment coming from the National Government.

We truly can not blame all these oppositionists, what have been magnified were the evils of past mining, they perceived dangers and risks to the people of Mindoro and the poor information campaign as to the transparency of the exploration company, they have been in the province for 11 years doing the exploration and finally their evaluation as they claimed will mark the new potentials for the province and maybe for the entire country.

Perils in mining like mine tailings, toxic hazards, degradation of forest, environmental change, social acceptability, displacement of indigenous people are likely the key reasons why the people and the Catholic Church stood strong in opposing the mining in the province they maybe right in their stance but today innovative scientific mitigating designs of engineering completely change the landscape of world mining.

This project given the chance to be presented in details likewise with the work plan as mandated in 1995 Mining Act may have brought for the next 35 years new developments, getting taxes over 700 million pesos in a year for the province and the host municipalities and may even provide mitigating measures to flooding, may improve farming due to fertilizer subsidy, may even lower the cost of electricity and as a whole will bring massive employment and more than that will bring more classrooms, books, hospitals and livelihood assistance to the many sectors of local communities.

This time oppositions to the project are in high level of euphoria surely they are very appreciative of the recent development because they have practically repelled the mining investment and now the company decided to slash down local operation and wait until the climate of investment appears to be conducive and inviting, we can not deny the fact that their explorations made recognition to Mindoro today, we have so far the highest nickel deposit in Asia if not in the whole world today.

Surely this opportunity for the country and the province will one day come into operation maybe when the people understands that they need a catalyst to enhance development specially when the people demands for services in many field and  the province can not cope to the past growing and bloating budget requirement.

The investor’s temporary cessation of operation and with the massive lay offs of hundreds of employees may serve as challenge to local government officials that the fight they fought hard in opposing the investment during their individual campaign may serve as their guiding light to bring services for the people for they surely are aware the sweet promises of change and development are not an easy task and these are all equated to funds which the National Government is also in short fall.

It is not enough to simply stand and say NO TO MININGWe will not allow mining in the province. Politicians have responsibilities to their constituents, they should design a program to counteract the lingering illness of poverty and direct the people to new road of opportunities which they have openly pronounced during the political campaign, as to how to do it? That remains to be seen.. You will all be judged according to your individual performances in service to the people.

On the hind site no one can claim victory both for the investor and the oppositions, No one can tell whether they are right or wrong but one thing is sure people the province will experience again the lost opportunities seemingly alike to Malampaya after the bickering, after the protests and the rallies one day you will see it working and will be operational the coming decades..

Perhaps the best effort everyone should do now is to find the wisdom in learning and knowing things we do not know and acknowledge our intellectual limitations, listen to the trained, educated and experts and attain social sound judgement to issues of development based on scientific reasons and facts, when we do that we should always remember we do not know what is stored for us in the future and in this world nothing is permanent except CHANGE.


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  1. Art Catapang says:

    So right you are about change. The most recent change in mining is 39 open-pit mining permits have been rescinded early this year by Pres. Obama in the US because the latest technical evaluation of open-pit mining is that it is unsafe and pollutes the downstream valleys and streams downhill from the open-pit mine.Open-pit mining is banned in the US and in South Cotabato.

    The latest requirement also for any developer is based on a 100- year flood assessment, any developer of an area is responsible for retaining 75% up to 95% of water that flows through the area being developed so as not to endanger surrounding areas.This may be accomplished with a massive dam to prevent the monsoon rains from inundating the downstream people and livelihoods.Intex has not mention this because of the cost. So when aggravated flooding occurs, Intex will put its finger up saying it is an act of God.

    The latest change in environmental protection is REDD- Reduction of emission from deforestation and forest degeneration.The forest that Intex will scrape to the last blade of grass used to absorb carbon emission. If this clear-cutting is allowed , definitely climate change will occur.

    We have not even started to address the endangered species and the effect of watershed mining on the water resources of the province –the aquifer,the water draining to Lake Naujan.Nor have we addressed the risks of the High Pressure Acid Leaching Plant polluting our marine resources, drawing humongous amount of fresh water from our river and the effects on fisherfolks life and livelihood. Nor have we mentioned the serpentine conveyor belts that will make ugly the province’s aesthetics.

    The provincial and municipal officials are mandated by the 1991 LGU act to protect Mindorenos safety and security. With the Intex MNP stopped , that mandate is implemented. If the citizens are dead and their livelihood destroyed, the services that you long for will not even amount to a hill of beans.

    Further on the subject of change, it will be smarter to understand how the change of DENR Secretary from Alvarez to Defensor resulted in the Intex MNP status change from— disallowed to mine on the Mindoro watershed to legally permitted to mine some 11, 200 hectares of mountain areas including the watershed.


    Kindly look at this news link and and search more news about open-pit mining in GOOGLE.

    You will find how disastrous mining is especially open-pit mining

  3. Gary Bacarra says:

    Sometimes we need to argue about change! Is it for good or is it for bad?

    Maybe technology has come to advancement but issues about environment does not even change especially here in the Philippines.

    As Mr. Art Catapan says open-pit mining is banned in the First World Country where they have the most advance technology.

    We, in the Third World Country are still trying to cope and lacks the technology they have and we are trying to run an open-pit mining? How disastrous it might be?

    I think change in technology does not mean there is change on the destruction effect it will cause to our environment.

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