As president of the country’s leagues of provinces Mindoro gov vows to bring P’Noy closer to the governors

POSTED: Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


CALAPAN CITY – Oriental Mindoro Governor Alfonso V. Umali, Jr., the newly elected president of the 80-member League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP), vowed Saturday (July 24) that he will bring President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III closer to all governors and vice-versa “to really solve the problem of poverty in the country.”

Elected last Tuesday during the first regular assembly and election of officers of the country’s provincial chief executives, Governor Umali, a first-term governor of Oriental Mindoro, stated here that the LPP’s immediate goals are the forging of closer partnerships with the national government and improve investment climate in the country.

By having a closer relationship with President Aquino and vice versa, Umali said that through this way, all programs of the national and local governments towards achieving development will be having a “straight and one direction.”

When the two units of government are “singing in one tune,” Umali noted that it is only then that investment climate in the Philippines will improve.  And in conformity with what the President stated in his inaugural speech last June 30, the Oriental Mindoro governor stated that he will make sure in the LPP that all provinces will be working to have a good investment climate to open up opportunities for the people nationwide.

“Eventually, our people will be benefitted through this and poverty in the country will be slowly eradicated,” Umali said.

A son and namesake of former Oriental Mindoro Governor Alfonso Umali, Sr., the young Umali was reportedly personally hand-picked by Aquino to lead the governors’ league and the president made sure he (Umali) will win by personally mustering all Liberal Party and allied governors’ support during the league’s election held last week at Century Park Sheraton in Manila.

The Oriental Mindoro governor is a long time ally of Aquino at the LP since the time when they were both congressmen.

This is the first time in two decades that a Mindoreño will be holding a top post in a national association of local chief executives.  The last time that an elected official from Oriental Mindoro held a number one post of such group was during the time of President Aquino’s mother, the late President Cory Aquino, when Mayor Renato Reyes of Bongabong town, said province, became president of the Municipal Mayors’ League of the Philippines (MMLP) in 1987 to 1989.

Mayor Reyes, incidentally a relative of Umali, was one of the first local chief executives in the country that turned back the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and sided with Mrs. Aquino during the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986.  He was the only municipal mayor in Oriental Mindoro that was not replaced by Cory when the latter took out power from Marcos, assumed a “revolutionary government,” and substituted with officers-in-charge (OICs) the majority of local chief executives in the country.

An uncle of Umali, Reyes was killed in an ambush in Oriental Mindoro in 1990.

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  1. President Noy has done nothing yet for the nation. The man ascended towards a higher position mainly because people surrounding him are simply using him for political reasons. Noynoy seriously is not an economist hence kindly stop passing the buck to the previous regime of President Arroyo about the economic difficulties of the Philippines.

  2. green man says:

    we having perfect law but poor implementation , we ordinary Filipino’s suffer most on this political cancer, they wasting time and using position for personal interest , we need disciplined God fearing leader , God save our dying Philippines.

  3. reyes says:

    FYI Renato Reyes was killed in 1999 not 1990. pls get your facts straight.

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