‘Adversarial media’

POSTED: Monday, July 26th, 2010

In the first two weeks of the new national administration, under President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, we have seen and witnessed in the national media how the new Malacañang occupants tripped in handling the forever hounding newsmen.

There were Atty. Edwin Lacierda, the new presidential spokesman, and the Catholic secretary of education Brother Armin Luistro, who gave away their selves in their initial dealing with the media and were subsequently, clobbered in the national news stories.

I don’t know if the two supposedly gentlemen cabinet secretaries know that media, also called as the “fourth estate,” is in general and basically adversarial in nature.

However, adversarial as it is, media for its part, should, not only be responsible in their reporting but also should observe proper decorum that is being called on occasion.  Marami rin naman kasing reporters ang mas mayayabang pa sa source ng news lalo na kapag nag-i-interview o nasa presscon.   Some mediamen kasi have the habit to upstage their subject or source of news and tend to embarrass the person they interview.  Lalo na ‘yung matatagal na sa media profession o ‘yung matatanda!

Anyway, those in the government, especially authorities or officials, should also remember that media people are also tax payers if not stakeholders in this government.  In whatever situation, they should exert efforts to answer all queries from the newsmen, being the latter as the conduit of the general public.


ECONOMIC – Many Mindoreño farmers are now upbeat of their produce now that El Niño has ended and rains are started coming down in many areas especially in agricultural lands of Oriental Mindoro.

Many fruit trees such as rambutan, durian, marang, bananas and other citrus-bearing ones, particularly in the towns of Victoria, Naujan, Socorro, Pinamalayan and Roxas, are now yielding good produce as evident by the many cargo jeeps and trucks seeing transporting loads of fruits such as rambutan, durian, marang, mangoes, bananas; citrus fruits like orange, lemon and calamansi, and other vegetables.

And because of these, farmers are now busy toiling for another crop production for the next months.  Merchants are seen going in and out of the province to sell and/or market their produce.


POLITICAL – The party-list group, 1 GANAP-Guardians, which has its chapters in Oriental Mindoro, got Calapan City Councilor Carlos Voltaire Brucal, the topnotcher in the recent elections for councilors in Calapan, and Nico Valencia, the youngest son of Congressman Rodolfo G. Valencia, as its latest members.

Brucal, who is now on its second term as the number one councilor of the said city in terms of votes, is the son of former Calapan City Mayor Carlos “Carling” Brucal.  He is now the third city councilors who are members of 1 GANAP in Oriental Mindoro after former City Councilor Teddy Flores and second-term Councilor Edel Ilano.

On the other hand, Nico is the chief-of-staff of Congressman RGV in Manila.  He is probably the biggest name out of the elected government officials that was recruited so far by 1 GANAP-Guardians in Calapan City.

Before the two were approved as members of 1 GANAP, Brucal and Nico have separately undergone the usual orientation or indoctrination, made to endure the “whacking” or military-type physical exercises, marking or tattooing, drinking of Guardians’ wine, and formal oath-taking as new members of the said Guardians’ group.

Other politicians or “big name” personalities in Calapan who are now being wooed and now inclined to be members of 1 GANAP-Guardians include: City Councilors Gilbert Repizo, Roy Raquepo and Eric Apasan.

1 GANAP-Guardians is the biggest and most popular Guardians group so far in the whole Oriental Mindoro.


The officers and board of directors of Oriental Mindoro Media Club (OMMC) have decided on July 8 to expel Jake Ramirez, publisher-editor of local newspaper Halcon Star, as member of the Club.

The reason for this is that, Ramirez is telling some people that he will form another media group and have himself as the new leader.  OMMC members saw it as an act of treason to the OMMC, the only legitimate, the biggest (in terms of membership) and longest-running media organization in Mindoro Island with 24 years in existence.

OMMC also can no longer accept the fact that Ramirez continues doing his usual acts of soliciting (for money) to many individuals and offices in exchange for media reporting, which is a blatant disregard and violation of the provisions of the Journalist Code of Ethics.


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