‘You can never put a good man down’

POSTED: Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Good day to all of you dear readers.  It’s been a very long time since this writer was called to do column writing.  Even when the time that I am publishing my own local newspaper, I did not attempt to write a column, my thinking on many issues, I just put it down objectively through editorial writing.

But still, many colleagues repeatedly tried to convince me to write a column for they said I can elaborate my ideas freely with that.  For me, writing a column is not being imposed to newspaper by the writer or author himself.  It is a calling, meaning, one should be called, persuaded or requested to do so.

Writing a column is for those who have the right to do that.  It is not for those “out of the blue” writers or neophytes in the field.

Anyway, so much for that introduction-cum-lecture.  Let’s go on.


ENVIRONMENTAL – On Monday, June 21, at about 11:30 AM to 11:45 AM, the dump truck which is owned and being used privately by incumbent Victoria Mayor Alfredo Ortega, Jr. was spotted loading an undetermined volume of freshly-cut “good lumber” at the vicinity of Aglubang River in Brgy. Villa Cerveza, municipality of Victoria.

In the past, Mayor Ortega’s vehicles were either spotted or reported as loading and transporting logs, some of which were cut and transported without the proper or necessary permits and can be classified as “illegal logs.”  During the last local elections, the issue of illegal logging was issued against him.

In this June 21 incident, a barangay vehicle (multicab) of Brgy. Villa Cerveza was also spotted near the truck that is being used to load the said lumber.  And one can wwonder why the said government vehicle was there: just to “watch,” “guide” or was merely “accompanying” the mayor’s truck.

There is no official report from the DENR whether they intervene on the said incident or it was reported to them.


POLITICAL – The team of incoming Oriental Mindoro Governor Alfonso V. Umali, Jr. has already asked present provincial officials holding either permanent positions or co-terminus with the outgoing Governor Arnan C. Panaligan to prepare and start submitting their courtesy resignations.

Governor-elect Umali was reported to have formed a team that will screen or review all appointments at the provincial capitol.  Umali was also quoted telling some trusted men that he wants a “clean slate” when he assumes the top provincial post for them to have a “fresh start.”


ECONOMY – Governor-elect Alfonso Umali, Jr. is welcoming investors, whether foreign or local, to look at the true potentials of Oriental Mindoro as an investment destination.

In a recent press conference with the local media, Governor Umali said that Oriental Mindoro really needs a “shot in the arm” in terms of economy, because the province really lacks the said opportunity.  And this, he said, is the main reason why many Mindoreños in the far-flung or remote areas here are living below the poverty line.

It was learned that Oriental Mindoro is currently ranks 12th as the poorest provinces in the Philippines.  And according to Umali, most probably the province needs investments to liven up its economy.  Hand-in-hand with his brother, incoming 2nd District Congressman Rey Umali, the governor will not only welcome investors for the province but will also seek out local and foreign businesses to pour out their investment to Oriental Mindoro.


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